Psalm 151

To GOD Be The Glory!

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Meet Psalm 151's Newest singer Annette Daeschler

Annette has been a member of St Amelia's for many years and a member of St. Amelia's folk group for over 20 years until they disbanded in July after the 7pm Saturday mass was cancelled.

"My love of singing started in grammar school, were I attended St Lukes, it's a mission now. We went to mass daily before back school , and was able to sing my little heart out. For me singing is my way of talking and praising God. As I am learning all these wonderful new songs, I find myself singing them all day ,so I am praising Him all day."

Annette is married to a "wonderful man and has two grown children who attended St Amelia school.

"I am so glad to be apart of Psalm 151!

St. Amelia Church
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Psalm 151 Prayer

The Potter's Hand (Instrumental) - Psalm 151
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